Friday, March 30, 2007


I thought that all the presentations were very informative and it was great how many of them related to each other because then we had varying points. Specifically I liked the presentations related to the choices of literature students have in the classrooms. I do think that it is important to introduce classic literature to young students and agree that it should be combined with young adult books. It's true that often students are not so enthusiastic about reading the classics because they think its just a boring book that they are forced to read, but then when also given the choice of reading something they want encourages them to have interest in other books.
I do remember reading some of the books that were at one point banned and when I was in high school those were the ones I was most interested in. For example, books like Catcher in the Rye and Fahrenheit 451 captured the attention of most students and caused there to be actual discussions about the ideas presented in these books. If students are engaged into reading with books such as these or with any idea that was not presented before, it gives them the sense that literature might actually be interesting because they can discover other genres of it and find one particular to their interests. I think its great when this occurs because even if the classics are not their favorites they are still reading and exploring books which then may lead them to other levels of literature.

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SC said...

Those sorts of books are the most fun to teach, too (like teaching Oleanna at the college level!).