Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Graff Reading

What I think this article is discussing is which authors are in the canon and what others are being added. He presents the question of whether the classics like Shakespeare are being tossed out in order to make room for new authors. It is a matter of whether people can still relate to the classic authors. I do not think that the Graff is saying that only certain authors should be taught because only they are good enough. I do agree with the fact that authors or novels already in the canon are still being taught and as new authors or books have emerged, then those are gradually being added as well. Just because the classics are really old does not mean that they are the only ones which are good enough to teach. I do think that the canon has been changing, but not necessarily leaving out authors, but making additions to the list. People who think that classic authors are no longer being taught because people do not think they are important any more are probably not aware of the classes that are specifically for the original authors. I do think that it is important to include those originals in the English curriculum because it is important in order to understand why modern writers write the way they do. I think it is obvious that authors often use ideas or methods of constructing their novels through the classics they have read and studied.

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