Monday, December 10, 2007

A.H.W.O.S.G.: The Box

I cannot imagine what it is like for anyone to lose both of their parents and with only a few weeks apart. It seems that his parents were very difficult, but for some reason there is not much description of what Dave and his siblings’ emotions are like. I did think it was odd that they decided to give their parents bodies for medical research. Actually he does say that arrangements had already been made by their parents, but again I wonder why they thought that was the best thing to do. Even if they did not want their kids to spend so much money with a funeral or burial it always costs less to have a body cremated. The entire confusion or lack of knowledge concerning their parent’s cremains would have been incredibly difficult for any person. This issue was mention a couple of times, but we do not just how important it is for Dave until he finds out that Beth made the decision of not having the cremains back. It is the reason why I think that he has such a hard time making the decision of throwing his mother’s cremains in the lake. I honestly would have kept either or both of my parent’s remains. I would not like the idea of them being anywhere else.

I’m not sure why ha carries around the box with him for so long. He has the box in his car and is endlessly thinking about it and wondering whether people know that his mother’s cremains are in his car. I’m not sure if it is because he doesn’t feel a connection with what is in the box and who his mother was. It was important for him to have his mother’s remains, but it seems that he has a really hard time accepting what is in the box. It has been years since his parents died and I guess he just got used to the idea of not knowing where they were and actually accepting that his parent’s remains would never be with them again. When he is finally throwing his mother’s remains he is still thinking about what could have been done better or differently. He didn’t really think of what he would do with the box until he is out at the lake. I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing that he ends without his mother’s remains. I guess he could not have handled having her with him again after so many years when he was without her for so long.

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