Sunday, May 6, 2007


I enjoyed reading this play because it was like nothing else I had read before. The dialogue and subject of the play were very new to me, but I was able to read it in one sitting. An aspect that was new was the style of the dialogue because in only a few instances did a character express themselves completely. I think that John was probably the one who said the least because he was always interrupted by the phone or his thoughts. I think this is the reason why he did not understand or explain to Carol what was necessary. The phone conversation and his own thoughts on the subject of Carol's difficulty were causing him to give her short answers. Carol had many questions about her inability to understand John's book and class. She said that she was frustrated with the fact that the class continued with the lecture and discussion, but she did not understand what they were discussing. It seems that she was also frustrated that they were discussing something so difficult to understand for her and many others and that the class continued without her. It was her inability to understand those concepts in class why she could not comprehend John's explanations or ideas to help Carol. I guess it was as if they were speaking a different language because they were both unable to comprehend the others point of views and since John and Carol both understood education differently they could not come to a solution. Although, when I first finished reading the play I could not understand how Carol could do such a thing to John, her professor, and ruin his life so easily.

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SC said...

I agree with your view of their talking "past" each other -- they come from different Discourse communities, and neither understands that.

Thanks for your thoughtful blog entries this semester. I didn't always keep up, but I enjoyed your writing.